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Why Wrap a Vehicle

Advertisement that can be as low as .70 per 1000 people

Did you know that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. Marketing impact is even further magnified with the implementation of a fleet wrap, utilizing all the vehicles in your fleet. Did you know that city trucks are seen by 14 million sets of eyes each year!* With a fleet wrap, car wrap, or truck wrap, you’ll have more marketing exposure than with one costly billboard.

Vehicle lettering has been used in advertising forever but high impact large format imaging allows UC Graphics to create vinyl graphics that will get you noticed. UC Graphics… large format printer outputs vinyl graphics at 720 Dpi on quality adhesive vinyl with durable solvent inks. We can create car wraps that completely envelope your car, van, or truck. Our printing process has a 4 year warranty against fading and peeling.

Our vehicle wraps are custom vinyl graphics for your vehicle that can be wrapped around or applied to your car, truck, van, bus, or basically anything you want. We create the graphic specifically for your vehicle, and we then print out the custom vinyl graphic on an adhesive-back vinyl. The adhesive-back vinyl we use for the custom vinyl car, truck, van, and bus graphics is very durable and will last from 5 to 7 years. The adhesive backing on the auto wraps will keep the custom graphic firmly in place without harming your vehicles' paint! And unlike paint, our vehicle wraps can easily and inexpensively be removed from your vehicle at any time.

Our auto vinyl graphics are also used to customize cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, Boats and more. You can give your car or truck a truly custom look with any design you can imagine using our custom auto graphics. They are great for truck window graphics, including truck rear window graphics, because the vinyl graphics allow you to see out the windows. They can also be used for advertising on the side of a bus or for truck side advertising. Our vehicle wraps are ideal for both custom car modifications and advertisements because they can be changed quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Go beyond just your phone number in vinyl letters. Bold Vehicle graphics can cover your entire car and our two way materials even allows your message to print right over the windows. With Large format imaging the entire vehicle is your canvas.

Particularly advantageous is utilizing vinyl graphics on your entire fleet. Fleet graphics are like traveling billboards promoting your company on every service call, in traffic and even when parked.

Champion Wraps/UC Graphics also makes stickers that can be used for promotions or to advertise in a smaller space such as on a rear window or as a bumper sticker.

Don’t limit your vehicle advertising to just the name of your company! Let us create a custom vehicle wrap, fleet wrap, or car wrap that makes you stand out from the crowd! No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression than with a vehicle wrap. One delivery truck with an effective vehicle wrap has the ability to generate millions of marketing impressions per year! Imagine the results with a larger-than-life fleet wrap, truck wrap, or car wrap! Get your company noticed on the highways all across the city and country – day in and day out! Contact us today for a free vehicle wrap quote!

Take your message to the streets with custom car wraps and vinyl graphics for your delivery vehicles. Think about it. The one place, where we all must pay attention to our surroundings is on the road. Even if our i-PODs are plugged in, the radio is blaring or cell phone is ringing we still must pay attention to the traffic around us. So, bring your advertising message to the back window, side panels and bumpers of the vehicles already out there. The street is a busy place. Use the opportunity while stuck in traffic to convert your vehicle into an advertising machine where it can do the work of marketing while standing still.

A vehicle wrap is a carwash and sunlight proof self-adhesive color printed film, which is applied to your vehicle. It will not harm your bodywork and can be removed by application centres without any damage. The wrap protects the vehicle's paintwork against stone chips and minor scratches; it also ensures that, when the time to sell arrives, the paintwork is in pristine condition with no dulling or fading.

If you run a business the chances are that you have at least one company vehicle. Whatever line of work you're in, vehicle wrapping is a cost effective way to turn your car, van, taxi or truck into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever you drive you'll be building your brand and promoting your business. Research shows that this is a fast growing market in advertising business, promotions or just your company in general.

According to statistics on average a busy vehicle can be seen by 3000 people every hour, that is 3000 potential customers. This point alone shows that this is an innovative and effective method of advertising.

• No continuous costs, once graphics are in place there is nothing more to pay.
• Vehicle wraps can be applied to all forms of vehicles. This includes cars, bikes, vans, trucks, aircraft, boats and trains.
• The vehicle will ultimately become a moving billboard transforming your company vehicles into the most cost effective advertisement yet.
• No longer are you limited to simple lettering and logos on your vehicle but you can now include product shots, imagery, brochure covers and full logos to get your message across.
• As part as an overall marketing strategy, vehicle wrapping has unbeatable advertising benefits.

The wraps educate, entertain and inform motorists and pedestrians while they are commuting. They can reach consumers in conditions that radio, television and print are ineffective and they are appreciated for their ability to humour motorists and pedestrians as well as alleviate boredom when stuck in traffic. Most important is that "wraps" are one of the only forms of advertising that cannot be switched off, tuned out or lost in a quicksand of other advertisements.

Applying a Wrap?? It is not easy ! We are trained professionals.

Applying a pressure sensitive vinyl film to create a vehicle wrap may seem an easy job of placing adhesive backed vinyl film to cover a bus or truck shell but, appearances can be deceptive. Applying fleet/vehicle wraps requires a tremendous amount of patience and concentration in lining up each vinyl film element and transferring it to the vehicle. There are no special machines to apply this; it's all done by hand and is definitely not for the faint of heart. The coverage of a vinyl wrap on a bus can be akin to placing a series of large decals in exacting proportions in very specific parts of the bus. The trick is getting all the different vinyl panels to perfectly line up as one complete picture. Not easy. When applying a vinyl film on a bus, one must take into account whether the wrap is temporary or permanent, where it's going on the bus and what the material is (metal or glass). There is also the surface condition; is it smooth? Is it corrugated? Are there separations within the surface (window openings, door gaps, gas inlet hatch, etc.)? Covering windows is easy, but it requires a different kind of vinyl, a perforated one-way viewing vinyl that allows it to cover windows, yet letting passengers still see through them.


The average cost of Vehicle Graphics Advertising can be less than .70 cents per thousand impression. That's a fraction of the cost per thousand (CPM) for traditional media, which can range from $3.55 for outdoor advertising to $23.70 for TV.** Outdoor Graphics are the millennium's solution for brands on the move!